If You Are New to Horse Riding, These Breeds Are the Best for Beginners

There is no horse breed that is perfect for novices, but there are some that particular characteristics that make them more suitable than other breeds. Arnold Bronkwurst has spent a lot of his life around horses, so he definitely knows more than a thing or two about them. Here, he gives us the lowdown on what the best horse breeds are for those who are thinking about getting their very first horse.


American Quarter Horse

This is the most popular horse breed in the US and it also has a lot of popularity in the UK. This great breed of horse for beginners as they have a pretty even temperament. However, I must stress that this breed can get pretty energetic at times. However, if we ignore their lively spirit and put it to the side for a bit, then their other traits such as adaptability, dexterity, and reliability make them a really good horse for beginners.


This breed of horse is known for being a bit hot-headed, but they were bred for war so have strength, speed, and endurance. However, despite their reputation, most Arabians are quiet and trustworthy. Quiet horses are very good for novices as they are a lot less likely to be spooked by any startling situations that arise. In most cases, geldings (neutered males) are the calmest.

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If you are looking for a perfect family horse, then you should definitely think about getting one of these. This breed of horse is attentive, social, and have a strong desire to please their owners. For novices, they are extremely forgiving, and they are quick to follow any commands that you make. This is a very simple breed to look after and they do not suffer from many health issues, like some other breeds do.

American Paint

This breed has some American Quarter Horse in it and are known for being easygoing and very social horses. They will often form extremely strong bonds with their owners and absolutely love being around children. To add to this, they are very intelligent, so you will certainly have no issues when it comes to training them. Overall, I am certain that you will not have any regrets if you buy yourself an American Paint.

Icelandic Horse

This is a very sure-footed breed of horse that is resistant to extreme weather and can live for a long period of time. They descendants are Shetland ponies, so they have that small stature which makes them less imposing to those who lack experience when it comes to horses. They are a gaited breed, which means when they walk their hooves move in four beats. When you are riding on a gaited horse, your body will barely move, and you will feel like the horse does not have to put any effort in at all, meaning that you will have a very comfortable ride.


Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse

This is another gaited horse breed, so you will also get a very comfortable ride when you are sitting on the back of one of these. They are known for their very gentle temperament and are popular among older riders and those who have joint issues. They absolutely love being around young children as well.


This breed has a quiet personality which is something that beginners should love. They also quickly forgive any mistakes that their rides make and will usually remain calm and steady. However, there could be one downside to this horse for beginners and that is their size. They are one of the biggest horse breeds out there, and a lot of new horse riders will probably find them quite intimidating. However, when you get over their size, you will soon realise just how friendly they truly are and that think twice about harming even a fly.