Arnold Bronkwurst Doesn’t Just Like Cricket

If you have had a good look through this site, then there is a very good chance that you know that Arnold Bronkwurst is a very skilled photographer with a passion for cricket. However, cricket is not his only guilty pleasure in life – he is also partial to a bit of gambling every now and then. Below I explain how this guilty pleasure arose.

A Trip Across the Pond to Kentucky?

About six years ago, he decided to go visit a couple of his friends in Kentucky, United States.

They had always been telling him to come and visit, but he had always been putting it off as he had been so busy will all of his other commitments. However, at this particular time six years ago, his workload lightened, so he decided to finally accept their offer. He has always wanted to go watch (And take photographs) of the Kentucky Derby, so would be able to kill two birds with one stone here, as the saying goes.


So, in May 2014, he headed over to the United States. As a photographer, he is lucky in the sense that he gets to travel all over the world to take his amazing photographs. However, believe it or not, he had never actually been to the States.

His friends, John and Mary, were not American, they were an English couple who he had met at a cricket match once while in England. They had moved to Kentucky in 2012 as they had got bored of the English way of life. They were loving life in Kentucky, but there was one thing that they were missing dearly, and that was cricket. They had tried to get into baseball but, in all honesty, it is just a poor man’s cricket.

During his stay in Kentucky he stayed at his friends’ house, which was something that he was really grateful for because it ended up saving him quite a bit of money.

As a thank you for their hospitality, he took them all to the Kentucky Derby on the first Saturday of May (the day that is always held). They had a great day out and he managed to take some breathtaking photos during the races. John and Mary won some money betting on the races, so that capped off a nice day for them.


A Trip to the Casino

When they got home later that day, John asked Arnold if he would like to join him on a trip to the local casino. John was feeling lucky because of the money that they had won on betting on the horses earlier.

Arnold was not too sure about going because he had never gambled once in his life. His grandad was a gambler and he lost a lot of money and got into a lot of debt, so Arnold’s dad always emphasized the dangers of gambling. Therefore, it never really crossed his mind to gamble or enter a casino.

However, he had enjoyed John and Mary’s company and he did not want to appear rude by turning down their invite, so he told John that he would join him, but it would be very unlikely that he would gamble.

They went to the casino at around 8pm and John had 300 dollars in his pocket. Before they went in, John turned to him and said, “I am leaving this casino with more money than this, or I am leaving with empty pockets.”

They went in a John headed straight over to the roulette wheel. He slapped down $20 on red and won, then $30 on the ball landing on 18 (his lucky number) and won, and then $50 on black and amazingly won once again. The $300 that he had when he entered had now more than doubled.


John winning all that money made Arnold very interested in having a go, so he decided that he would just spend $50. After all, if he lost it all, it was not the end of the world. So, he went and got $50 worth of chips and headed to a different roulette table. He thought to himself that John had probably used up all the luck at the other one.

He put down $5 on red, but the ball ended up landing on black. He then put 10$ on red again, but the ball landed on black again. He then put $5 on black and typically the ball landed on red this time. He thought to himself that gambling must not be for him, so he decided to stick his remaining $30 on the ball landing on the number 8, which was the date that he was born. The wheel seemed to spin for ages, but when it came to a stop, miraculously, the ball was sitting in the number 8 pocket. He had just won $1,000.

He went to find John to tell him about how lucky he had just been and found out that John had also won over $1,000. They decided that it was time to call it a day and off they went back to his house.

Arnold had such a great experience at that casino, that every now and then he gets the urge to have a bit of a gamble at a casino (how to gamble at an online casino is explained here). If he is somewhere where there is one nearby (there is not one in the town that he lives in), he will often go to satisfy his urges. However, instead of playing roulette, he plays slot games as he found that he really enjoys playing them.