Arnold Bronkwurst Has a Secret Pleasure in Life

Arnold Bronkwurst spends most of his time taking amazing photos of horses, but there is something else that he loves taking photos of that not many people are aware of – cricket. Below you will find out how he came to love cricket as well as some of tips that he likes to give to other people who are interested in taking sports photographs.


How He Gained a Love for Cricket

As he has taken horse photographs all over the world, he has friends in many different countries. In June 2009, he was visiting some friends in London, who were both huge cricket fans. That year, the T20 World Cup was being played in England. The Netherlands, Bronkwurst’s home country, were in England’s group, so his friends got an extra ticket so that all three could go and watch the match.

Bronkwurst didn’t know much about cricket, but he didn’t want to be rude and decline their gift. The match was at Lord’s which is a stadium that really impressed Bronkwurst.

England were expected to beat the Dutch easily, but Bronkwurst was just hopeful that it would be a nice day out. England batted first in the match and made 162 runs from their 20 overs. Although this isn’t the highest score ever in a T20 match, everyone in attendance still thought that England had more than enough to win. However, the Netherlands had other plans. With the last ball of the game, the Netherlands needed two runs to win. Edgar Schiferli barely got his bat on the ball, but he set off on a run to tie the game. The ball came to Stuart Broad, who could have just held on to it to take the game to a Super Over. However, he took a shy at the stumps and missed, meaning they could come back for a second run. This meant that the Netherlands got one of the most famous victories in their history.

Bronkwurst really enjoyed what he saw that day and he started following cricket more often. Whenever he can, he goes to watch cricket and takes photos of the action.

Tips for Taking Photos of Sports

Below are some of Bronkhurst’s main tips for ensuring that you get the best photos when taking photographs of sports. If you want tips about betting on cricket and not photographying it, you can take a look directly at our friend’s site :

Make Sure You Have the Right Gear

While you can get some good photos using a compact camera, in order to get close to the action to tell the whole story, you are going to need a type of telephoto lens. He recommends a solid 70-200mm with an extender.

Make Sure That Your Positioning is Correct

Being in the right place is important in all types of photography, but it is safe to say that it is more important in sports photography. Many people will tell you that when you are watching a game of cricket you should stay where you are so that you do not disturb the batsmen. However, Bronkwurst recommends that you don’t pay any attention to that type of information. Walk around the pitch to find the best angle, but just ensure that you are never behind the bowler as this will put the batsman off and play will be stopped while you are asked to move. A rather embarrassing scenario.

Make Sure That the Composition is Good

Another thing that you really need to consider when taking photographs of sport is the background quality. You could capture the finest moment in sporting history, but if the background behind the main event is cluttered, your photo will look ugly and too busy. You can often get great photographs at cricket matches as the background is usually green.

Use a Camera That Has a Burst Mode Feature

Turning on burst mode will give you the best chance to capture some amazing sport photographs. When a player is running, you will be able to capture all of their movements, giving you the best chance of capturing that perfect image. For example, in cricket, it will allow you to capture that moment when a fielder takes an outstanding catch.


Try to Capture the Expressions on the Players’ Faces

Don’t get into the habit of taking photographs the whole match. Take pictures when you think one of the players is going to look in your direction. Some of the best shots in sports are those where you can clearly see the players’ facial expressions. It is also always a good idea to take photos of the expressions of players who are also watching the action unfold. For example, in cricket, it is always great to capture the reactions of other fielders when they have just witnessed one of their teammates take an amazing catch.

Keep Practicing

At the end of the day, taking great sport photographs is a skill. It is something that takes a lot of time to perfect. In time, you will learn when it is a good time to take a photo and when you need to wait. Just like the sportsmen that you are watching, you also need to warm-up and get into the rhythm of the game.

Taking photos of sports can be challenging, but there is also a lot of fun involved. Ask a professional sports photographer and they will tell you about the rush that they get when they capture iconic sporting moments.